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Lpg Vaporizer (Lv-02)

HLV is an innovative energy saving product that does not consume any electricity for vaporization of LPG used in Bulk or Liquid Offtake LPG Installations. Working on the principle of thermodynamics, HLV is designed to reduce the pressure and temperature of LPG.The process to vaporize cooled LPG is achieved by a... 

Location : Vadodara

Patvin Auto Products Pvt Ltd

Fuel Saver Femto XXL


Femto XXL FUEL BOOSTER - Save the earth.

Femto XXL is made from 100% natural activated Palm oil.

Femto XXL is refined and activated through revolutionary process, which enables its Nano-molecules crack and reform Hydro-carbon Molecules in fossil Fuels into high quality enhanced combursion, lubrication and cleaning abilities.

Femto XXL can be used with any type of camburstion engine that burns any kind of liquid hydro-carbon fuel - i.e. Petrol, Diesel, Industrial Fuel Oils, Jet fuel oil etc.


-> Increase Mileage
-> Improve Engine Power
-> Clean Carbon Deposit
-> Reduce Friction & Noise
-> Reduce Engine Heat
-> Prolong Engine life
-> Reduce Emmissions.


Location : Rajkot

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