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Silica Gel White

Silica Gel is an amorphous form of silicon dioxide, which is synthetically produced in the form of hard irregular granules (having the appearance of crystals) or hard regular beads. White Silica Gel is this structure that makes silica gel a high capacity desiccant. Water molecules adhere to the gels surface because it exhibits a lower vapour pressure than the surrounding air. When an equilibrium of equal pressure is reached,no more adsorption occurs.

We are manufacturer and supplier of White Silica Gel Crystals for moisture & humidity solution. White Silica Gel is non-indicating type and can be reuse and regenerate also for moisture absorbing process. Non-Indicator Silica Gel White Crystals use for dehumidifier industrial applications and Silica White Beads are use to absorb gas, air, moisture and humidity.

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Sorbead India

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Chamical Storage Tank

Corrotech offers a wide range of storage tanks for various industry applications. The manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art machinery for the fabrication of tanks having various shapes and size. Our series of tanks comprises all kinds of vertical tanks, horizontal tanks, round tanks, square tanks, conical tanks, chemical storage tanks, industrial water storage tank, liquid storage tanks, plastic chemical tank, plastic storage tank, plastic tanks and many more.

We design the storage tanks using a German software RITA (Roechling’s integrated tank building assistant), developed by Roechling and TUV Nord. Corrotech strictly adheres to the DVS quality standards. The tanks are produced using butt fusion welding technique that guarantees 100% leak proof performance. Moreover, it also makes sure a longer working life of the insider fluid content. Our tanks are available with high tensile strength of 4500 psi and hardness of R 95. It has a high operational value for the high temperature and pressure.

Corrotech is committed for its exceptionally good service to its customers. We manufacture the products to meet the international quality standards. We have established a high creditability among our customers by showing our honesty, integrity and respect towards the customer’s business interests, stakeholders and vendors.

Location : India

Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride

CTAC is a phase Transfer Catalyst used in following industries:: 



Phase transfer catalyst : - used as phase transfer catalyst in chemical research.

Pharmaceutical Industry : - As an Active Pharma Ingredients(api). Intermediates and disinfectants. 

Hair conditioners and Shampoo Industry : - as a conditioning agent.

Fiber Industry : - Antistatic and softening agent in fiber industries. 

Textile Industry : - as a paper softener

Cosmetic Industry : - For making personal care ingredients.

Floccuent : - used in sewage disposal.

Silicone oil emulsifier.

Pigment dispersers

Disinfection sanitizers


Available in Net 200kgs & 100kgs HDPE drums.
Min Order should be not below then 600 kgs.
Shelf Life - 2 Years. Store in a clean, dry warehouse in the original unopened containers.

Location : Vadodara

Pat Impex

Silica Gel Blue

Silica Gel Blue crystals are generally looks like glassy and semi transparent substance that contains cobalt as an indicator. Basically, the inner structure of crystals has the ability to attract and hold the hydrocarbons, chemicals and others. When the crystals turn into pink color, it indicates that silica gel has adsorbed the moisture to its capacity and needs to be replaced or regenerated. These crystals can also be regenerated by heating them at a temperature of 150°C. It mainly acts as a desiccant for packaging products. It has the capacity to adsorb 40% of its weight of water vapors.

Location : Vadodara


Bio Coal

White Coal.

Location : Vadodara

S.G. Shah Trading Company

chemicals & petrochemicals

all the chemicals  availables which are used in industry.

Location : Delhi

Jatalia Global Ventures Limited

Iso Propyl Chloro Acetate

Iso propyl chloro acetate is a clear solution of colorless liquid which is free from extraneous matter with Lachrymatory Effects. It is insoluble in water and miscible with alcohol and ether. Calculated as mono chloro acetic acid the moisture content is not more than 0.15 % W / V. Quality is checked on various parameters commencing from procurement of raw material to each stage of production to deliver pure and effective chemicals. Our range of product caters to the needs of various chemical industries.

Location : Vadodara

Nahar Pharma Chem

Calcium Oxide

Calcium Oxide

Location : Vadodara

Balco Chemicals

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