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IPA chemical

Being the most respected organization guided by experienced and knowledgeable professionals, we provide an effective array of IPA chemical. The offered range is processed by our professionals utilizing high quality chemical compounds and advanced technology in strict compliance with the international quality standards in order to meet the industry specified parameters. Apart from this, clients can avail these chemicals from us at industry-leading prices.


  • Accurate composition
  • Pure
  • Effectiveness

Location : Vadodara

Reality Chemicals

  • Address : 7, Bhagwati Ind. Estate, B/h. Bavari Kumbharwada, Pratap Nagar,
    Vadodara - 390004,
    Gujarat, India
  • 9825978562

  • Website :

Silica Gel Air Breather

We are a remarkable entity engaged in manufacturing, trading and supplying a high quality range of Silica Gel Air Breather. Designed in adherence with industry quality standards using the best quality raw material, these products are stringently verified on several parameters by our quality examiner to avoid any kind of defect. The range offered by us is widely used to protect transformer oil from moisture hazards. Furthermore, these products absorb dust particles and moisture from the air that may can enters in conservation tank of the transformer.


- Rust resistance
- Accurate dimensions
- Hassle free performance

Location : Vadodara

Dhruv Enterprise




•Antioxidants are used to retard the reaction of organic materials such as synthetic polymers, with atmospheric oxygen. Such reaction can cause degradation of the mechanical, aesthetic, and electrical properties of polymers; loss of flavor and development of rancidity in foods; and an increase in the viscosity, etc. Though required in small amounts at any one time, they are absolutely necessary, as without antioxidants, many products would not last very long, and many plastics could not even be manufactured without their protective attributes. Acting as stabilizers, they are also useful in facilitating the production of fuel and lubricants. 
•We  supply antioxidants from  IONOL ,Raschigin North India (as Agents of M/S Associated  Rubber Chemicals Pvt Ltd ) belonging to the group of non-staining sterically hindered phenols which shows an excellent stability at high temperature hence it does not show discolouration & is non staining. Phenolic antioxidants are used for stabilizing elastomers based on natural and synthetic latices and rubbers, as well as ABS, PA, polyolefins, hot melts and lubricants and has BfR and FDA approval

  Titanium dioxide is the most widely used white pigment because of its brightness and very high refractive  index , in which it is surpassed only by very few materials.  The most important application areas are paints and varnishes as well as paper and plastics, which account for about 80% of the world's titanium dioxide consumption. Other pigment applications such as printing inks, fibers, rubber, cosmetic products and foodstuffs account for another 8%. The rest is used in other applications, for instance the production of technical pure titanium, glass and glass ceramics, electrical ceramics, catalysts, electric conductors and chemical intermediates.

  TiO2 is also an effective opacifier  in powder form, where it is employed as a pigment to provide whiteness and opacity to products such as paints, plastics, papers, inks, foods, medicines as well as most toothpastes . In paint, it is often referred to offhandedly as "the perfect white", "the whitest white", or other similar terms. Opacity is improved by optimal sizing of the titanium dioxide particles. Some grades of titanium based pigments as used in sparkly paints, plastics, finishes and pearlescent  cosmetics are man-made pigments whose particles have two or more layers of various oxides .

  We at Technical Polymers Material have Grades recommended  for interior decorative coatings, road marking paint, window profiles, masterbatch, rubber, paper making, ceramics etc. are available. For further product information please contact us at

Location : Delhi

Technical Polymers Material

Calcium Aspartate

CAS No : 21059-46-1
Sr. No. Test Specification
1. Appearance

White Crystalline hygroscopic powder.

2. Solubility

Freely Soluble in water.



NMT 10.0



NMT 500



NMT 500


(As Calcium,On dry basis)

NLT  12.0
NMT 13.5

Location : Padra

Morar Chemicals




TOPDRY Calcium chloride Container Desiccant Customer FAQ: 

Why is raining in my container?

Have you ever encountered this scenario? “My container arrived and the cargo inside is wet. There are no holes in the container and the interior stinks of mold and mildew. It also looks like it’s raining from the ceiling of the container. How did this happen?


What happens because of "Container Rain", so what's "Container Rain"? and how to control Relative Humidity so that to stop "Container Rain"?

Container rain is condensation that forms on the ceiling of a cargo container and drips onto the cargo causing moisture damage. This can result in a container being rejected by a receiver at the port costing the exporter dearly.


Relative Humidity& Container Rain

An atmosphere’s humidity is relative to its temperature. This is because cold air can hold less moisture than warm air. A 1 cube of air at 25°C which contains 20g of moisture may have a relative humidity of 80%RH. That means it could potentially hold another 20% (4g) of moisture before becoming saturated (100%RH).

However, drop the cube’s temperature to 17°C and the relative humidity will rise to 100% even though it contains the same amount of moisture. This is because at the lower temperature the air can no longer hold as much moisture.

When this saturated air comes into contact with a surface colder than itself the moisture will condense out onto it.

Put this in context of a logistics operation and it means that a container is loaded with cargo in a tropical port at an atmosphere of 90% RH, and 32°C it will hold about 33g of moisture per m3


As a 20ft container has a volume of around 33m3 this equates to about 1.089 liter of water held in the air of the container.


When it arrives in a European port with an atmosphere of 0°C and 55% RH the air will be able to hold just 5g of moisture. This results in 28g of moisture condensing out of every 1m3 of air inside the container, which is just under 1 liter of moisture for a 20ft and 2 liters for a 40ft container.


Preventing Container Rain

The objective is to maintain a humidity below which condensation forms, and if does form, to have a system that will react quick enough to absorb the excess moisture prior to droplets forming.

1kg of TOPDRY container desiccant can absorb up to 20g of moisture per hour so can make a significant difference to the atmosphere during the day and night cycles of temperatures increasing and decreasing within a container.

It acts as a buffer absorbing excess moisture and helps to maintain the equilibrium between the humidity of the air and the container’s contents.



Location : Guangzhou


  • Address : Lindia Chemical, Xingye Rd, #1307 B Building, Nancun Town, Panyu District, , ,
    Guangzhou, China
  • 2084783001

  • Website on TOT :

Sodium Formaldehyde Bi Sulphite

We are essential company in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We are manufacturing and supplying high quality Sodium Formaldehyde Bi Sulphite to all our customers. Sodium hydroxymethanesulfonate, also recognized as Sodium formaldehyde bisulfite (bisulphite), Applied as a preservative in cosmetic compositions. The sodium hydroxymethane sulfonate is applied to improve the color stability of rosin resins.

Location : Vadodara

Hans Chemicals

Vessel Heads

We are involved in manufacturing and supplying of Dished Ends that are widely used for various applications in industries. The entire range we offer is developed using top-notch quality and with the help of advanced technology. These products are manufactured in compliance set industry norms & standards. In addition to this, we offer these products to our customers in very reasonable rates.
* Sturdy construction 
* Perfect finish 
* High strength 

Location : Mumbai

D.K. Corporation

Surfactants & Emulsifiers

We offer Surfactant which is known for effectiveness, purity and accurate chemical composition. The Surfactant we supply is ideal for use in various Oil Industries and Refineries. Owing to the quality and effectiveness of the Surfactant we manufacture, the company has become the preferential choice among the... 


Location : Vadodara

Sterling Auxillaries Pvt. Ltd

Air Drying Desiccant

The desiccants are the substances which are widely used to absorb the moisture, humidity, water vapors and odor. They have the ability to maintain the effectiveness and originality of the products. The main task of air drying desiccants is to dehydrating the air and removes the contaminants to get the pure air. The variety of desiccants can be used for drying, cleaning and purifying the air or gases. These include molecular sieve, silica gel, activated alumina and others. 

Location : Vadodara

Sorbead India - Activated Alumina Balls Supplier

Utility Chemical

Driven towards perfection, we are engaged in providing a commendable range of Utility Chemical. To ensure maximum efficiency, these chemicals are formulated under the guidance of chemical experts, who incorporate their extensive knowledge in the processing of these chemicals. Furthermore, these Utility Chemicals are highly appreciated in the market for their features like longer shelf life, non-toxicity, accurate composition and precise pH value.

Location : Vadodara

JBH Enterprise

Speciality Chemicals

We are successfully ranked amongst the top traders and suppliers of 5-(5'-chloro-2'-hydroxy-4'-methylphenyl) isoxazole. These products are highly appreciated by our valuable clients for the diverse features. Our product range is widely used in various industries for different purposes. In addition to this, we also provide customized range of these products as per the varied specifications of our valuable clients. Clients can avail these high quality products at reasonable prices. 

Location : Vadodara

Shanpar Industries Pvt. ltd

Allyl Amyl Glycolate

Appearance : Clear colourless liquidSolubility; : Soluble in alcoholSpecific gravity : 0.935 - 0.943 at 25°CAcid value : NMT 1.0Refractive Index : 1.425 – 1.428 at 25 °CPurity by GC : Min 97.0%

Location : Vadodara

Avid Organics Pvt. Ltd



De-Stain is heavy - duty alkaline cleaning solution for household and other commercial kitchen applications. In diluted form, De-stain is excellent for ceramics, all kinds of flooring, plastics, metals. 

How to use:- Spray / apply directly on the oil contaminated surface and wait for 30 seconds or more time to get it loosened. Wipe it with a wet cloth or rinse.

Types of applications :- According to the dilutions of De-Stain, as follows. Light-duty Cleaning - 1%, General Cleaning - 2%, Pressure washing - 2.5%, Floor Cleaning - 2.5%, Heavily Soiled Surface - 15%, Heavy-duty Cleaning - 25%, Kitchen Floors - 25%, Engines - 80% De-greasing - 80%, Grease Filters -- 90%, Wax Stripper -- 100%.

Available Packings :- refill pack, 5 Ltr, 35 Ltr, 210 Ltr. . De-Stain contains Dimethyl carbitol for better sanitation. 

NOTE:- Industrial version is available for washing machine for pressure washing, without foaming to achieve millipore value. DeStain is suitable for 16MnCr5, 20MnCr, High carbon Steels, High Speed steels, sintered components and other alloys. Industrial version is without " Dimethyl carbitol".


  • De-Stain removes cooking oil stains within few seconds, withought scrubbing.
  • De-Stain is a multi purpose cleaner, on various dilutions with water.
  • Hard water compatible and ecofriendly.
  • De-Stain contains "Dimethyl carbinol" for better sanitation.
  • DeStain is suitable for MnCr alloys, High carbon Steels, High Speed steels, sintered components and other Fe alloys
  • De-Stain also removes ink stains and suitable for upholstery works.

Location : Pune

Anant Industrial Enterprises

Mono Ethylene Glycol

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier to provide our prestigious clients an optimum quality grade of Mono Ethylene Glycol. Our offered glycol is used in industrial applications such as antifreeze formulations and many other industrial products. This glycol is precisely processed under the direction of experienced professionals making use of premium grade chemical compounds and advanced processing techniques at our production unit. We provide this glycol in various packaging options according to the demands of our clients.

Location : India

Vinayak Organica Pvt Ltd



Location : Vadodara

Biotor Industries Ltd.

Tbhq 99.5%

Synonyms / IUPAC : tert- Butyl Hydroquinone
CAS No : 1948-33-0 
Description : tert-butylhydroquinone finds use primarily as a polymerization inhibitor and industrial antioxidant . Compared with unsubstituted hydroquinone , its higher solubility and increased potency at higher temperatures combine to make it more useful in many application .It is also an interesting organic intermediate because of its hindered hydroxyl group 

Location : Vadodara

Jim Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Anhydrous Sodium Acetate

Our company is one of the most prestigious and reputed companies which are deeply engaged in the line of manufacture of a comprehensive range of chemicals and reagents for the use in drugs and medicine manufacture. We a ore also providingur clients one of the purest quality anhydrous sodium acetate. This anhydrous sodium acetate is used for the manufacture of a wide classification of the drugs and medicines in pharmaceutical companies. These anhydrous sodium acetates are available for our clients at a very reasonable and commercial range of prices.


  • Excellent quality
  • Pure and reliable
  • Wide range of utility
  • Safe and trusted
  • Cost efficient

Location : Nadiad

Global Medicines Limited

Ferrous Sulphate

We are recognized among the top most organization of this industry. We offer an array range of Ferrous Sulphate. They are manufacture from high grade of raw material which increases their durability and sustainability. Our Ferrous Sulphate is delivered in proper and customized packaging and in a committed time frame.
* Purity
* Accurate composition
* Long shelf life

Location : Vadodara

Shree Sai Minerals & Chemicals

MDI 250kg

MDI's primary product is widely used in polyurethane coatings, in addition, for the waterproof materials, sealing materials, ceramics and other materials.MDI is also used in polyurethane foam made.

Location : USA


Chemical Traders

Manufacturer of all kinds of industrial chemicals and preservative chemicals, stearate and silica gel blue/ white etc.

Location : Vadodara

General Food & Chemical Corporation

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