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Cockpit Systems

Cockpit module is the interior dashboard, steering system integration module, electrical systems, brake systems, air conditioning systems and security systems. Dashboard trim styles a good interpretation of comfort and ornamental cockpit systems, our design team of experts has been relentless innovation to this end; steering system, brake system, airbags provide passengers in the car was security; DVD, Navi and audio systems, making driving not boring any time to enjoy the high-tech feast. Modular design, integration and supply of modular production, the major domestic famous automobile manufacturers supporting the cockpit system products, receive real-time information from them, and simplify complex vehicle assembly process, greatly reducing the client assembly time, labor sites, management fees and debugging time, improve vehicle productivity and achieve the same tact with the vehicle manufacturing steps. As China's largest supplier of cockpit modules, through close contact with customers, is expanding the scope of cockpit modules, covering technology products to enhance management capabilities, providing customers with better products and services.

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