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Fish Plate

We offer Railway Fish Plates to our valued clients as per given specifications. These are available at market leading price, Also widely appreciated for its durability.

Location : Vadodara

G.M Engineers

Electric Locomotive

  • Upgraded version of TRC1000MN
  • Robust in design with enhanced performance and less maintenance
  • These compressors are used in conventional loco model WAP4, WAG5 and WAG7 locomotives manufactured by Chittaranjan Locomotives Works, Chittaranjan and BHEL, Jhansi
  • Unique ‘Disc Type Coupling’ arrangement which requires very less attention and can take larger misalignment
  • Efficient air filtration system ensures higher compressor efficiency and low noise level

Location : Jodhpur

Elgi Equipment Limited

Elastic rail clip

The buckle of the railway fastener is mainly manufactured using a spring strip, which is bent and twisted by the elastic strip to generate a buckle pressure acting on the rail,the name is elastic rail clip or rail clips.

It effectively ensuring a reliable connection between the steel rails and  rail sleepers for a long time, maintaining the integrity of the rail as much as possible, and preventing the rail from longitudinal and lateral movement relative to the rail sleeper, the gauge distance is ensured to ensure the safety of the train.

In addition, since it is rigid contact between the train wheel and the rail, vibration is inevitably generated, and the special elastic structure of the elastic rail clip also has the function of absorbing the impact energy generated when the vehicle passes, achieving the shock absorption effect. The elastic rail clip works under repeated alternating stresses. It is subjected to various functions such as bending, torsion, fatigue and corrosion. When the train passes, it also has to withstand extremely high instantaneous impact loads, so the performance requirements of the elastic rail clips are very strict.

Location : China

agico rail

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