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Insulation testers

From our wide range of electrical products, we offer B50K Insulation Testers which are designed using superior quality factor inputs by our vendors. For maintaining the quality standards of the range, our vendors' quality experts test the entire range according to the defined norms of the organization. Further, ... 


Location : Vadodara

Action Engineers

Micro Hardness Tester

Digital Micro Vicker Hardness Tester

Location : Ludhiana-East

Qualitech Systems

Comparison Testers

Gauge Comparison Testers (Comparators) for Low (GCL Series) and High (GCH Series) Pressure applications are available in

• Hand Pump Model -HP: Hand Pump with Fine Adjustment

• Screw Pump Model -SP: Hand Pump with Screw RAM Pump

• Screw Pump Model mounted on an Elevated Stand -SPES

Location : Vadodara

Smartech Inc.

Ink Rub Tester & Scuff Tester

This is an equipment to evaluate the Print Quality / Rub proofness of prints on a substrate. Good Print Quality is a perfect combination of Good Ink + Good Substrate + Good Process + Good Drying. If any of the above factors go wrong, the result can be disastrous.

The most commonly used method to evaluate print quality is by rubbing 2 printed surfaces against each other. However if this is done manually, the amount of pressure applied during rubbing cannot be quantified and kept constant. Moreover it is difficult to keep the plane of contact constant and keep a track of the number of rubs. Hence making this method highly Operator Dependent.

The Sutherland Rub Tester or the Patra Rub Tester overcomes this by rubbing 2 printed surfaces against each other (face-to-face) in the same plane, at a constant pre-determined speed, under a constant rubbing pressure. This equipment can also be used to evaluate color transfer from printed / coated surfaces during rubbing. This equipment confirms to international specifications of TAPPI – T-830 / ASTM D-5264-92 and PATRA / PIRA / BS - 3110.

Models available :

Various digital models with non-contact type rub counters, Auto-stop facilities, Speed Indicators, etc.

This equipment is relevant to :

  • Printing / Processing / Converting houses
  • Heavy End-Users of printed material
  • Ink Manufacturers
  • Research Institutions
  • Packaging Development centers

Location : Vadodara


Digital combo set SVG-5

A digital combo set.
Available in four modifications.


A digital combo set for maintenance and repair of carrier channels and data transmission equipment of information structures.



  • Sine-wave generator
  • Broadband rms voltmeter
  • Narrowband (selective) rms voltmeter
  • Frequency meter
  • Waveform monitor
  • Spectrum analyzer


Measured parameters

  • measurement of root-mean-square AC voltage and frequency of single-ended or differential signals
  • generation of sine-waves
  • visual examination of freeform signals
  • signal spectrum analysis


Standard scope of supply

  • Digital combo set SVG-5
  • AC220/12 V power adapter
  • Set of cables
  • Instrument certificate, testing guidance, operation manual
  • Carrying case


  • Real-time clock
  • 10 settings in memory for each mode
  • Saves 50 previous measurements in voltmeter mode
  • Continuous work time 8 hours
  • Dimensions: 360 × 380 × 140 mm


Location : Russia

Kontour ETC

  • Address : office 518, 39 Russkaya street, Novosibirsk, ,
    , Russia

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