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Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Stabilizers/Automatic Voltage Regulator:

We strive to offer complete power solutions to our clients. For fulfilling our clients' needs we deliver them the best quality products. Servo Voltage Stabilizers is a 3-phase, distortion-free, automatic voltage controller that gives perfectly stable output even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage. It increases life of your equipment, reduced heating and minimal losses. Voltage fluctuations & phase unbalance cause several problems in industrial, commercial & residential sectors, such as:  

  •  Reduction in motor efficiency, overheating and fast ageing of motors and switchgears
  •  Stoppage of production, inconsistent product quality and increase in wastage
  •  Malfunctioning & data loss in electronic/ CNC equipments
  •  Quick burn out of light fittings, bulbs & lamps
  •  Higher consumption by lighting load
  •  Higher demand & higher energy bill
  •  Loss of competitive position


7 Year Warranty on its range of stabilizers from 50 KVA to 3500 KVA. .          

Capacity for servo voltage stabilizers -10 KVA TO 3500 KVA



Location : New Delhi

Tirupati Agencies

High Current Source

Location : Vadodara

C. K. Enterprise

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer


A complete solid-state design-using Relay drives.
Fast rate of correction greater then 10 to 50 Volts/Sec.
Efficiency is greater than 97%.
Synchronous motor drive for high reliability.
Waveform distortion is zero.
Excellent regulation as high as 1%.
Voltmeter to indicate either input voltage or output voltage.
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 55 0 C.


Audio alarm at high / low inputs.
Automatic high/low cut off.
Single Phase Preventer.
MCB/MCCB for input / output.
Digital voltmeter / Ammeter.

Single-Phase Three- Phase
Input Voltage 170 V to 270 Volts Input Voltage 300 V to 460 V.A.C.
Output Voltage 230 V.A.C. ± 0.5% Output Voltage 415 V.A.C ± 0.5%
Frequency 47 – 51 Hz Frequency 47-51 Hz
Phase Single Phase Three
Line Regulation ± 1% Line Regulation ± 1%
Over Load Capacity 120% for 1 minute Over Load Capacity 120% for 1 minute
Cooling Air/Oil Cooling Air/Oil
Capacity 2 KVA to 15 KVA Capacity 3 KVA to 200 KVA

NOTE: Any Voltage or Current not included in this list can be manufactured as per specific requirement

Location : Pune


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